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Fees Structure of MBA Colleges in India


This page is a reference guide of MBA Colleges in India for Fees Structure of MBA colleges. It answers most commonly asked questions about Fees of MBA Institutes in India.

Fee structure in MBA Colleges in India?

The cost of doing an MBA varies according to the institution attended and the format of study like full time, part time or online. Full Time residential programmes are costly than part time MBA programmes. For most prospective students, the cost of the program is the significant factor when selecting a course. The primary costs are the tuition fees charged by the business school, and secondry costs are hostel charges, mess charges, student exchange programmes and any other paid optional service provided by the Institute. We have listed fee details of Top 100 MBA colleges in India , you can click each college link and see their consolidated fees for 2 years. You can also visit individual pages on fees of mba colleges

Financial help to cover the cost of MBA course.

  • Distance learning MBA allows an individual to keep a regular income, along with MBA course
  • Employer Sponsorship for doing Part time MBA
  • Grants & Scholarships for doing Full time MBA
  • Student Educational Loans

What is Internation Collaboration of MBA Colleges in India?

Many large business schools are actively expanding the scope of their international operations. This includes -

  • Running the Management course in two or more locations around the world
  • Many schools also offer trips to foreign locations as part of student exchange programme.
  • Some colleges offer dual degree through foreign collaborations

Refer to topic - MBA Programmes with Foreign Collaboration.






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